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LED L344W - C5W 36mm 24xSMD3104 CANBUS White

LED L344W - C5W 36mm 24xSMD3104 CANBUS White

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LED L344W - C5W 36mm, 24x SMD3104, CANBUS, white

Designation: C5W, C10W
Base: SV8.5
Length: 36mm
Type and number of diode: 24 x SMD3104
Available color: white
Voltage: 12V
Polarization: Yes
CAN-bus filter: Yes


- license plate illumination
- car interior lighting
(doors, glove box, trunk, ceiling light, etc.)

Advantages of M-TECH LED bulbs:

- greater durability compared to standard lamps
- low energy consumption
- faster on/off time
- resistance to impact
- smooth installation

This M-TECH LED light bulb has been designed to avoid trip computer errors and power surges, while providing high white light quality.

The main advantage of the M-TECH LED bulbs is the 16V tolerance electronic circuit that prevents the bulbs from burning out in case of power surges when installed in the vehicle.

20 ks.

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