LED L338W - W5W 12V 6xSMD5730 Ring CANBUS White

LED L338W - W5W 12V 6xSMD5730 Ring CANBUS White

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LED L338W - W5W, 6x SMD5730, with ring, CANBUS,white
Platinum Canbus LED L338W

The marking: W5W T10
Basis: W2.1x9.5d
Diode type: SMD 5730
Number of diodes: 6xSMD
Power: 3W
Tension: 12V
Canbus: YES

The bulb is based on a new type of SMD 5730 diode, which is an extension of SMD 5050 diode, each with 0.5W. The appropriate arrangement of LED modules ensures optimal light distribution. High total power allows to use this model in applications requiring strong light.

LED bulbs from the CANBUS PLATINUM series are an absolute novelty in the M-Tech offer. The series includes new, attractive models designed for the latest generation cars. Specially developed chip cheats the most advanced Canbus systems much more effectively than previous models.
20 ks.

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