Powertec UltraWhite H11 12V DUO

Powertec UltraWhite H11 12V DUO

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PowerTec Ultra White halogen bulb

PowerTec Ultra White H11 halogen bulb ensures up to 100% more light on the road in comparison to other standard bulbs. A special, light blue coating doesn't reduce quality or intensity of the light. This way we have achieved a perfect white light, which is less tiring for the driver's eyes and ensures better visibility. An elongated light beam allows noticing possible obstacles earlier, which significantly increases safety on the road.

PowerTec halogen bulbs are characterized by high durability and good resistance to shock and temperature, because toughened quartz glass and high-grade steel were used in the production process.The quartz glass with a UV filter protects headlights and lenses against damage or tarnishing.

- Perfectly set focal length
- Solid filament
- Noble gas
- UV filter
- Quartz glass
- Hardened steel base
- Single, economic packaging

Designation: H11
Base: PGJ19-2
Power: 55W
Homologation: 12V
Voltage: 12V
Symbol: PTZUW11-DUO

Up to 100% more light.
20 ks.

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