Powertec Platinum BA15s P21W S25 21W 12V CHROME Blister

Powertec Platinum BA15s P21W S25 21W 12V CHROME Blister

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The Powertec BA15s Chrome halogen bulb is characterized by the fact that it lights up orange during operation.
The chrome gloss is achieved by using an absorbent, anti-reflective coating.

It is a high quality product dedicated to retail, guaranteeing safety and good visibility on the road.

PowerTec halogen bulbs are characterized by high durability and resistance to high temperatures and vibrations.
In their production they are made of tempered quartz glass and high quality steel.
Quartz glass with UV filter protects headlights from damage and lampshades from tarnishing.
The average bulb life is about 300 hours, which puts PowerTec bulbs in the same range as products of such brands as Bosma, Narva or Tungsram.

Area of application:
-Idealable to driving lights with clear covers
-Direction of travel light

-Perfectly set focal length
-UV filter
-Made of quartz glass
-Elegant packaging

Designation: P21W
Basis: BA15s
Power: 21W
Tension: 12V
Symbol: PTZCH19-02B
Approval: none
16 ks.

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