Powertec SuperWhite H1 12V DUO

Powertec SuperWhite H1 12V DUO

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20 ks.
Powertec SuperWhite H1 bulb 12V DUO

PowerTec Super White have a 100% better light output compared to standard halogen bulbs.
The special blue coating ensures a perfect white light colour, which is less tiring for eyesight of the driver.
The longer light beam is a guarantee of faster obstacle recognition, better visibility and overall safety.
A high quality product, shockproof, with long lifespan, resistant to temperature variations, made of tempered quartz glass with UV filter which protects the bulb from taking damage and a stainless steel base.

- Perfectly tuned focal length
- Solid filament
- Noble gas blend
- UV filter
- Tempered quartz glass
- Stainless steel base
- Elegant DUO packaging

- Designation: H1
- Color: White
- Power: 55W
- Voltage: 12V
- E-mark
- Symbol: PTZSW1-DUO
Up to 100% more light
20 ks.

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