M-Tech Platinum H1 12V 55W H1 P14.5s Bulb

M-Tech Platinum H1 12V 55W H1 P14.5s Bulb

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20 ks.
M-Tech PLATINUM provides up to 130% more light on the road than standard halogen bulbs.
The special design of the bulb with the appropriate filter like the top products provides strong, long-distance, snow-white light.
PLATINUM bulbs have the same light colour measured in Kelvin and only 5% less light output measured in Lumens than branded products.
After using the PLATINUM bulbs, we get an effect of a perfectly white colour, which is less tiring for the driver's eyesight, and better colours the signs and lines on the road.
An elongated light beam allows you to notice obstacles earlier, which guarantees increased safety and visibility.

Innovative M-Tech halogen bulbs are durable and resistant to high temperatures and vibrations.
They are made of tempered quartz glass and high grade steel.
Quartz glass with UV filter protects headlights from damage and lampshades from tarnishing.
The average bulb life is about 300 hours of work, which puts M-Tech bulbs in the same range as products of such brands as Bosma, Narva or Tungsram.

-Focus perfectly set
-Stable cable construction
-Prefined gas filler
-UV filter
-Made of quartz glass
-Base in hardened steel
-Single, economical packaging

-Osram Night Breaker Unlimited
-Philips Extreme Vision
-PowerTec Platinum

Technical parameters:
Designation: H3
Basis: PK22s
Approval: E4
Power: 55W
Tension: 12V
Symbol: ZPT3

Up to 130% more light.
20 ks.

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