M-TECH Premium D2R 4300K Bulb

M-TECH Premium D2R 4300K Bulb

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Xenon Bulb M-Tech Premium D2R 4300K

The main hallmark of M-Tech Premium xenon bulbs is the bulge on the glass, asserting maximum heat dispatch and providing up to 30% more light. The form keeps the focal length perfectly adjusted, a property crucial for safe driving.
A dedicated high quality blend of noble gases with TOP parameters, imported from the US - prolongs the lifespan, determines the light color and indicates the overall quality of the bulb.
The gas is enclosed in a double tempered quartz glass bubble with UV protection, manufactured by General Electrics, similar resolution can be found in OSRAM and Philips products.
The electrode is of Austrian origin. The filament is patented thanks to application of innovative technologies, allowing mass production with consideration of all European standards, the product is therefore fully homologated.
Lower part of the bulb consists of worldwide known Taiwanese electronic circuits sealed in Bakelite composite housing.
M-Tech xenon bulbs fit into standard bulb sockets, accessorized with all plugs and wires, no cutting and soldering is necessary.

- Full homologation
- Highest quality replacement
- Characteristic glass bulge for maximum efficient heat dispatch
- Best price/value ratio
- 4x higher light output than conventional halogen bulbs

Type: D2R
Base: P32d-3
Color: 4300K
Wattage: 35W
Voltage: 85V
Application: reflector lamps (without lens)
Homologation ECE: Yes
20 ks.

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