M-TECH Bixenon H/L HB5-3 6000K Bulb

M-TECH Bixenon H/L HB5-3 6000K Bulb

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20 ks.
M-Tech BiXenon HB5 6000K Basic

BiXenon differ from the standard xenon bulbs with embedded electromagnet, responsible for switching the light beam high/low. Perfectly adjusted focal length ensures safe driving, even in headlights without lens.
The main hallmark of M-Tech xenon bulbs is high quality blend of noble gases, imported from the US - it prolongs the lifespan, determines a light color and indicates the overall quality of the bulb. The gas is enclosed in a tempered quartz glass bubble, the lower part consists of bakelite composite.
Every BiXenon set contains an electromagnetic driver (cable bundle) for flawless functioning.

-High quality replacement
-Embedded electromagnet
-Electromagnetic driver (on cable bundle) with every set
-4x higher light output than conventional halogen bulbs
-Works with all ballasts available on the market
-Best price/value ratio

Type: HB5
Color: 6000K
Homologation: -
20 ks.

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