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M-TECH Basic HB3 12000K Bulb

M-TECH Basic HB3 12000K Bulb

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M-Tech HID Basic is dedicated to the installation in the cars with HID xenon installation.The asset of our bulbs is the precise technology of the filament's construction. The ceramic frame giving the bulb a vertical position will secure the accurate use from the very moment of installation to its exchange. The HID M-Tech Bulbs are made of quenched quartz glass. It makes our bulbs resistant to the phisical damages and its lifetime is much longer. The HID M-Tech filament is a perfect substitute which will satisfy every demanding customer. The diaphfragm placed on the filament's glass allows the light to be perfectly cut. You will be satisfied also with the type of gas used in our product. We have adjusted the mixture in such a manner that the efficiency of the bulb is maximized.

The xenon M-Tech filaments are the classical bulbs which cooperate with every single ballast used in the HID xenon sets. The filaments are equiped with the hermetic connectors and the integrated power cables. One of the most important parameters is the appropriate mixture of the xenon gas. Properly selected one determines not only the colour of light but also the quality and lifetime.

At the moment in our offer we have HID bulbs in colours from 4300K to 12000K. Temperature of 4300K is white colour of light,5000K is something between 4300K and 6000K and 6000K is an alternative for people who choose more spectacular effect.6000K is slighty blue colour,often called COOL Blue.
For customers who are looking for a really strong blue effect we have in our offer model 8000K called extremaly blue. Very deep and almost eccentric blue colour will satisfy even the most demanding customers.
10000K is temperature that is worst seller in whole offer. 10000K is even more blue than 8000K.
12000K is made for users for who car look is definitely more important than car light range. This color is violet, and is weakest in whole offer.
Because off different stages of the bulbs life we recommend exchange two at the same time.This is because of the fact that each bulb needs about 100-200 hours for full brightness .The bulb which is installed newly before full brightness to the right colour always shines more blue.When we exchange only one colour it will be different than the other one
Please notice that the higher temperature the shorter light range. Avarage difference between smaller and higher temperature in light range is round 10%.

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Power rating: 35 Watt
Startining guarantee: 14 days.
20 ks.

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