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Blister 2x LED L090W - C5W 36mm 3xSMD2835 White

Blister 2x LED L090W - C5W 36mm 3xSMD2835 White

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Retrofit Basic is a line of innovative lamps based exclusively on Optosemiconductors Osram LED and other high quality components. The product was entirely designed in Poland by the team of R & D partner engineers. When the limit values are reached, energy consumption automatically decreases until equilibrium is reached. This advanced solution in combination with overvoltage protection allows us to offer a 3-year warranty.

Base: W5W
Attack: W2.1x9.5d
Number of LEDs: 8xSMD2835 Opto Semiconductors from OSRAM
Power: max. 0.64W
Voltage: 12V DC
Color: cool white
Canbus: yes

- position light
- intermittent
- interior lighting
- registration
- toolbox

Advantages of LED lamps:
- longer life compared to standard lamps
- lower energy consumption
- on and off instantaneous
- shaken
- Easy installation
- reproduce colours with great fidelity

The application of OSRAM diodes ensures a long service life and superior quality.

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