Blister 2x LED L310B - C5W 36mm 3xSMD5050 CANBUS Blue

Blister 2x LED L310B - C5W 36mm 3xSMD5050 CANBUS Blue

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Designations C5W, C10W
Length 36mm
Base symbol SV8.5
Number Diode 3xLED
Type SMD5050 diodes
CANBUS technology
Power 0.72W
Voltage 12V DC

Replacement C5W, C10W, sv8.5, 36mm tube.
Application The most popular tube bulb, used in many places in the car. Very good price/quality ratio. Licence plate, trunk, door and locker lighting, car interior lighting, headliner, leg lighting.
CANBUS bulbs are adapted to work with the latest cars with CAN rails and burnt-out bulb control.
This LED behaves like a standard halogen bulb in a car. It doesn't blink or go out like ordinary light bulbs.

The advantages of Led light bulbs:
longer service life compared to standard bulbs
lower power consumption
Faster on/off time
shock resistance
straightforward assembly
more vivid colours

Our diodes have an electrical system with a tolerance of up to 16V, so they do not burn out during possible voltage surges.
made on a Taiwanese chip, not a cheap Chinese equivalent used by competitors.
By using Taiwanese components, we achieve a longer service life and more light (lumens) than competitive Chinese products.
20 ks.

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