M-TECH Digital AC Ballast Slim

M-TECH Digital AC Ballast Slim

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M-Tech digital HID SLIM ballast

SLIM series- smaller dimensions for easy fitting under cramped car hoods.

A SLIM ballast, created in semiconductor transistor technology, an excellent compromise between analogue and digital ballasts with CANBUS. This model overruns standard analogue devices with its durability and reliability.
The product consists of advanced electronics, anti-interference filters, integrated igniter, start-up voltage control, and a waterproof casing.
* The filter works perfectly in most of the cars. However, some vehicles are more sensitive to electromagnetic waves. Please do not hesitate to ask us for assistance, if any problem occurs.

-long lifespan and failure free functioning
-great price/value ratio
-anti-interference filters
-integrated igniter
-start-up voltage control
-waterproof aluminium alloy housing


Wattage:: 35W±1W
Power consumption: 3,6A (at work) max.10A (boot)
Operating temperature: -40 +105'C
Waterproof casing
Warranty: 12 months
Dimensions: 8,5x7,2x3cm
Compatibility: all HID bulbs (including BiXenon)
B2B code: PHC
20 ks.

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